Decorative Overlays

Welcome to Urban Floors’ world of decorative overlays a unique finish crafted from a fusion of materials and techniques, delicately layered over existing substrates, offering a contemporary alternative to traditional mechanically polished concrete floors.

Perfectly suited for both residential and commercial settings, our decorative overlays boast swift installation times, typically ranging from 5 to 8 days depending on the size of the project.

At Urban Floors, we take pride in offering one of the widest ranges of decorative overlays in the industry, many of which are showcased in our showroom. Crafted on-site with meticulous care, our overlays are hand-trowelled using a blend of tinted epoxies, polymers, and other cementitious materials, employing various processes to ensure a flawlessly seamless finish.

For those who’ve experienced less than satisfactory results with attempted mechanical polishing or grind and seal methods, our decorative overlays offer an attractive solution, delivering bespoke, durable, and seamless flooring options.

With years of refinement, our overlays represent the pinnacle of quality and innovation. Continuously evolving with the introduction of new materials and techniques, we remain committed to providing you with the highest quality, architecturally stunning options for your space.

Step into a world of unparalleled elegance and durability with Urban Floors’ decorative overlays where craftsmanship meets creativity to redefine your flooring experience.

Available Finishes
  • Polished Pewter | Main Image
    Polished Pewter

    If you are after a luxe finish for your floor, resembling polished concrete, our ‘Polished Pewter’ finish is an exclusive process created by Urban Floors.

    This unique finish includes tinted epoxies, cementitious polymers and polyurethane and is prepared and installed by our trained artisans.

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  • Microcemento Our Finishes

    Introducing our exclusive ‘Microcemento‘ finish a testament to durability and architectural sophistication.

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  • Urban Pietra Main

    Cementitious concrete overlays create a concrete look and feel of stone and can be applied to almost any concrete surface. Applied by our trained flooring artisans who create the finish on site, and start layering the materials by trowel or squeegee, creating a durable, contemporary finish. These finishes tend to have a more understated look and are available in a core range of neutral colours.

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  • Main Urban Murano Pic
    Urban Murano

    Epoxy coatings are ideal for high traffic areas in residential + commercial environments where a seamless, finish is desired. As well as totally transforming a space, our epoxy-based finishes will not harbour bacteria and can withstand spills and resist staining.

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  • urbanconcrete floors

    Our ‘Stonehenge’ decorative coating is a more rustic look, with plenty of texture. It is a polyurethane blend, is easy to work with, live on and is hard wearing.

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So, you want to explore polished concrete/concrete overlays for your new home or renovation and are not sure of the next steps.

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