Care & Maintenance Tips

Upon completion of our projects, we provide customers with a Care & Maintenance Guide for when they start living on their new Urban floor.

Epoxy and other decorative floor coatings are durable, however like any hard floor finish i.e. tiles and floorboards, they will scratch if a heavy object is dragged across the floor.

Below are some general care and maintenance tips for cementitious, concrete floors:

Avoid washing your floor (epoxy and other decorative coatings) for one week after completion to enable the epoxy to cure, three days for a mechanical polish.

Use a dry mop regularly.


Mop floor regularly depending on traffic using low PH cleaner (or capful white vinegar).


Whenever possible remove your shoes – this will help reduce the amount of dirt brought into the property.


Install a good quality mat both inside and outside of external doors.

Mats should be as large as possible and able to remove both grit and moisture.


Spills should be cleaned up straight away to avoid penetration or damage, especially liquids like red wine/cordial that have a high colour content.


If other trades are going to be stomping all over your new floor after we have completed the project, we strongly suggest that you or your builder invest in some protective coverings (we recommend a couple of options at job handover).

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