Design Tips

If you are building your dream home or renovating to transform your space, the experience should be enjoyable as well as rewarding! There are lots of resources available to assist, so do your research, ask people in DIY stores/home décor stores or consult an interior designer or architect for some advice.

  • Design Tips
    Don’t stick to one style

    Don’t stick to one style – have fun with styling and mix different looks if you are confident in your own taste.

    Avoid mixing too many colours – introduce a two or three colour combo and take the theme or colour throughout the house with an accent colour or complementary accent colours

  • Design Tips
    Window Furnishings

    As Aussies, we love to experience the great outdoors even when we’re inside. Roller or venetian blinds introduce a simple contemporary look and offer controlled natural light. Contrast the colour of your blinds against walls or match with flooring to create a consistent look. Bright white blinds can pull focus to the window and increase the feeling of brightness in a space while sheer or semi-transparent, darker blinds allow the view to dictate the feeling of the room.

  • Design Tips

    Deciding on a harmonious palette where all colours work in symphony with each other to create the style and mood you’re after.

    A lighter colour palette will offer more space during the day but if you have a smaller space or if the space is inherently dark, darker tones will help blur the boundaries where one wall meets the next, creating the illusion of space.

  • Design Tips
    Furniture Selection for Small Spaces

    When choosing furniture for a small space it’s important to get the right fit. If the piece is too small the space will seem smaller, while if it’s too big it might look out of proportion. With built in furniture, lift things off the floor wherever possible. The bathroom vanities and TV entertainment unit being attached to the wall allows you to see more of the floor, giving the illusion of space. Your floor finish and colour should reflect lighter, neutral tones.

  • Design Tips
    Work in one-offs

    Work in one-offs – invest in a few unique, antique or more expensive pieces and build your décor around it. It’s worth choosing items that have memories and will not date over time.

  • Design Tips

    When planning your space, lighting conditions are very important as they will affect the overall colour. Always consider the following:

    • Tungsten and Halogen lights are yellowish to orange
    • Fluorescent and Mercury vapour lights are greenish
    • Daylight sunlight is white to blue depending on cloud cover
    • Daylight lighting is intended to replicate ‘white’ sunlight
    • Whilst the eye-brain system corrects these colours to look ‘white’, the colour of things is changed, sometimes quite dramatically and especially under fluorescent type lights.
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