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There has been increasing number of restaurants and cafes generally in Australia and Melbourne has become the culinary capital!

The trend to concrete floors in café’s is a logical one with the number of options for front of house offering a contemporary, seamless, easy to clean, luxe finish.

In the kitchens and behind the bar, you need to choose a finish that meets the rigours of the touch conditions found in the hospitality industry and more importantly Australia’s Strict Standards.

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Commercial Kitchens/Back of house

Back of House: Stringent food safety requirements in Australia require commercial kitchen floor finishes to be clean and serviceable. We can offer a variety of finishes suitable for your commercial project to ensure they are durable and fit for purpose i.e. a non-slip, anti-microbial, impact resistant, commercial finish with coving for back of house that ensures a seamless floor finish. Unlike vinyl that can wear out or lift, or grout lines that can often conceal moisture, dirt and possibly harbour bacterial growth our PU cement finishes are world’s best practice for commercial and restaurant kitchens.

Your commercial kitchen is the lifeblood and hub of your business and if you are forced to shut down due to noncompliance – it can be extremely costly. It is, therefore, very important to invest, once, and do your commercial kitchen floor properly, with a lifespan of 20 years, ensuring uninterrupted business.

You can compromise on your appliances or other areas, that can be updated at a later time, rather than having to lose business by closing your commercial kitchen, uninstalling all your commercial equipment, and reinstalling after your floor has been redone.

Our antimicrobial PU cement systems are ideally suited to commercial kitchens known for their;

  • excellent chemical resistance;
  • slip resistance;
  • thermal shock,
  • impact resistance
  • washable by hose and hot water
  • odourless application and
  • durability.

Available in a core range of colours, they will not harbour bacteria and can withstand spills from oils, acidic solution, detergents and other surface contaminants.

Our Urban Commercial Kitchen finishes are food grade, non-slip and adhere to industry standards and regulations making them ideal for commercial kitchens. Kitchen areas are high use areas with a lot of wear and tear, but you can rest assured that commercial PU cement, can withstand these pressures.

Front of house; Of course, we also offer a range of more decorative finishes for your front of house

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Front of House

Consideration needs to be given to durability and of course a finish that will lay the perfect backdrop for your décor. If you are after a polished concrete look and feel for your restaurant or café, we have a range of decorative finishes to choose from.

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Hotel Lobbys

When first impressions count, and you have a lot of foot traffic, you can choose from a range of polished concrete and decorative overlay finishes that will ensure a seamless, luxe look. Call us now to discuss the options with one of our flooring specialists.

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Project Information Working in close partnership with Australian resin and industrial coating manufacturers including Elite Crete, Crommelin, Hychem ensures we can offer the widest selection of flooring systems to suit any environment.