Urban Pietra

Urban Pietra (internal and external finishes)

Cementitious concrete overlays create a concrete look and feel of stone and can be applied to almost any concrete surface. Applied by our trained flooring artisans who create the finish on site, and start layering the materials by trowel or squeegee, creating a durable, contemporary finish. These finishes tend to have a more understated look and are available in a core range of neutral colours.

No two floors are the same, so our customers tend to have a more adventurous nature, as one of the key benefits is the bespoke look and feel that our team create. It can be layered to create additional thickness if required and has a satin finish.

So, you want to explore polished concrete/concrete overlays for your new home or renovation and are not sure of the next steps.

Color Range

Disclaimer: Colour range swatches are indicative of colour only and samples should be viewed prior to selection. As our floors are bespoke and the actual installation subject to many variables, swatches, and samples are indicative only.

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