More and more builders are choosing to build with concrete slabs rather than timber stumps as they have many benefits. If poured correctly, concrete slabs are more solid, lower maintenance, impervious to termites, and allergies, can include in-slab heating, and can either be polished to a beautiful sheen or choose from a range of decorative coatings.

Therefore, the trend to concrete flooring finishes is a natural one, and one that is becoming increasingly popular. In addition, customers are moving away from tiles and now desire a more ‘on trend’, unique, contemporary option.

As well as totally transforming a space, our epoxy based finishes will not harbour bacteria and can withstand spills and resist staining.

Whether you are renovating, or building your dream home, you want a finish that:

  • is seamless and hygienic (without those ugly grout lines!) and stays looking great
  • has a contemporary look that is low maintenance, giving you extra spare time
  • looks awesome (has to have that ‘wow’ factor) without costing a fortune and
  • it must be durable.

Many of our customers incorporate our finishes throughout their entire home to create an effortless, ‘seamless look’. Most concrete surfaces can achieve that look, and we offer a range of solutions, products and services. Until recently, epoxy flooring was considered as an industrial floor finish, but with recent technological advancements this is no longer the case and it now offers customizable, decorative, seamless flooring solutions.


We offer a range of finishes suitable for your new home, or renovation (more detail can be found on ‘Our Finishes’ page) including:

  • Polished concrete with a selection of exposures,
  • Urban Murano range (epoxy)
  • Urban Warehouse which is one of our unique finishes and sometimes ‘loosely’ referred to as a ‘grind & seal’.
  • Urban Stone – a unique blend of vinyl flakes combined with a variety of products to create a custom finish
  • Pandomo Flooring System – an understated, burnished look available in different finishes and colours
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