Our Finishes

Epoxy Coating

We specialize in polished concrete and decorative coatings, and work extensively in both residential and commercial markets. Whether it is your home or a commercial project that requires a concrete finish, we specialize in cementitious finishes.

We have a range of finishes for you to select from based on your individual taste, specifications of the project, condition of the substrate and, of course, your budget.

Epoxy Garage & Flake Flooring

Thanks to its strength and durability, epoxy flake finishes are used regularly for garage floors. An epoxy flake garage floor is an ideal finish for garage surfaces, enhancing the look and functionality of your garage. Epoxy flake coating systems are resistant to hot tyres, oils, petrol, and stains. You can subject your garage to considerable wear and tear, safe in the knowledge that your epoxy flake garage floor will withstand it, lasting longer than other floor types.

Here at Urban Floors, we offer flake flooring in a range of colours which enhances the look of your garage floor, rumpus room or man cave. Of all garage concrete finishes, flake flooring is the most striking and durable. Coloured flakes are broadcast into the base coat of epoxy, using a 4 coat system, creating a functional space whilst enhancing appearance.

Thanks to its strength and durability, epoxy/flake finishes are the perfect choice for garage floors as they are easy to clean, practical and seamless. An epoxy concrete garage floor is an ideal finish, enhancing the functionality of your garage.

If you’re looking for high quality, call on the premier garage epoxy floor coating contractors in Melbourne: Urban Floors!

Decorative Concrete Floor Coatings & Sealing

Enjoy a greatly enhanced appearance with Urban Floor’s range of decorative concrete finishes. You can transform a warehouse space, home or office without the need for a major refurbishment. These decorative concrete floors come in a range of finishes to suit your taste.

They are also seamless, (no grout) and offer a more contemporary look and feel, whilst giving you a completely unique look.

Concrete Floor Resurfacing

With quality concrete floor resurfacing Melbourne home and business owners can enjoy an attractive, durable finish, giving your existing concrete floor, (or even tiles or timber) a face lift . This enables you to introduce a new design into your home or business, with your floor as the centre piece.

Our concrete resurfacing will make old, dull concrete look fresh and new again, adding value to your home and providing you with aesthetic benefits you can enjoy. Concrete resurfacing can brighten spaces without the need for extra light. Concrete resurfacing in Melbourne homes and businesses will also prove more durable in all sort of conditions.