Polished Pewter

If you are after a luxe finish for your floor, resembling polished concrete, our ‘Polished Pewter’ finish is an exclusive process created by Urban Floors.

This unique finish includes tinted epoxies, cementitious polymers and polyurethane and is prepared and installed by our trained artisans.

Polished Pewter comprises 16 processes which are applied to create each unique polished pewter floor by utilising hand trowelling + layering techniques.

The end result is translucent blend of warm and cool greys, creating the perfect backdrop for your home or office decor.

Our finishes can be applied over concrete, tiles or AC sheeting and is slightly warmer than tiles, seamless and available in either gloss or satin finish.

So, you want to explore polished concrete/concrete overlays for your new home or renovation and are not sure of the next steps.

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