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Let us introduce you to the cutting edge options available in contemporary concrete floor finishes

When it comes to choosing contemporary concrete floor finishes, polished concrete type finishes are fast becoming the preferred choice.  There are many more options available for concrete floors other than a mechanical polish (although we specialise in these also).

Whether you’re looking for a decorative epoxy finish, a cementitious overlay or a polished concrete topping, we can come out and meet with you, show you samples and explain the differences in each, so that you can confidently specify them in your projects.

Whether you are looking for a luxe look in a residential project or a more practical, yet attractive solution for a commercial one, we can introduce you to our portfolio of finishes.

Call us and make a time to meet with our flooring specialist who can educate you on the  many finishes that are available, so as you can provide your clients with the cutting edge in concrete floor finishes.

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