At Urban Floors, we specialise in factory epoxy flooring in Melbourne. With over a decade of experience, we have developed the expertise to provide high-quality, durable, and practical factory floor coating solutions. We offer a variety of finishes and treatments to provide a broad range of options for your factory floor needs.


Epoxy coatings provide a quality, durable look to industrial floors, also offering various functional benefits. Highly resistant to wear, tear and chemicals, this flooring is an ideal choice for all factory environments. Being low maintenance and easy to clean, they can save you a considerable amount of time.

Utilising epoxy floor coatings for your Melbourne factory is hygienic, seamless and offers slip resistance. As a cost-effective flooring alternative, this always delivers value and a return on your investment.

Our helpful team services areas across Melbourne such as Fitzroy, Richmond, and Brunswick. Line your factory floor with a high-quality epoxy coat today!


Stacking cardboard pallets can be a difficult task for employees, and it is important to ensure that the factory flooring in Melbourne is up to standard when handling these activities. By investing in top-grade epoxy resin coatings for your factory floor, you are providing your employees with a fit for purpose finish. Epoxy resins are incredibly durable and resistant to wear, meaning they won’t be easily damaged by pallets being stacked and moved around.

At Urban Floors, we take great pride in providing our customers with the best possible epoxy floor coatings. Our team has worked hard to develop a unique approach to ensure that each of our projects is completed with precision and attention to detail.


Every business is unique, and so are their flooring requirements. At Urban Floors, we provide custom factory floor coating solutions. Whatever your needs and the industry, we can offer a solution for you.  

We have many finishes for you to choose from including our Urban Stone finish, which incorporates epoxy and polyaspartic. There are many colours to choose from as well as being incredibly durable.   Price is no obstacle either – we offer a variety of services suitable for all business budgets!

Whether your factory resides in the Docklands, Carlton, or Port Melbourne, Urban Floors has your flooring solution available whenever you need them most!


There are numerous reasons to trust Urban Floors for your factory epoxy flooring needs in Melbourne:

  • Expertise: We have 12 years of experience in the industry, so you don’t need to worry about the end result of your factory flooring.
  • Quality: We use superior materials and techniques, so your flooring will always be durable and long-lasting.
  • Customisation: If your factory requires a specific solution, we can work with you to achieve a look and finish that will be able to handle your business activities. 
  • Affordability: We offer competitive pricing without sacrificing the quality of our services. We assist customers and offer solutions that will meet all budgets, whether you’re aiming for a small project or a large one.
  • Efficiency: We always aim to complete projects within set deadlines while maintaining the quality of work. 
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Project Type Warehouses/Workshops
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Project Information Working in close partnership with Australian resin and industrial coating manufacturers including Elite Crete, Crommelin, Hychem ensures we can offer the widest selection of flooring systems to suit any environment.

Finishes: Urban Stone, PU Cement, Epoxy, MMA

Frequently Asked Questions for Factory Epoxy Flooring in Melbourne

What is factory epoxy flooring?

Factory epoxy based flooring is a type of floor coating used in industrial environments in Melbourne. It’s a durable, solution-focussed finish, best suited for factories and warehouses that require heavy traffic and chemical-resistant flooring.

What are the benefits of factory epoxy flooring in Melbourne?

Factory epoxy flooring is a high quality, durable,  resistant to wear, tear, chemicals, and improves visibility and resistance to slips. This flooring is seamless and low maintenance, making it a cost-effective alternative.

How does Urban Floors provide factory epoxy flooring services in Melbourne?

Urban Floors employs cutting-edge techniques for a long-lasting, robust finish foir epoxy flooring in Melbourne. With preparation, and application of top-grade epoxy resins, and other industry materials, there is always a personalised solution for your business needs.

Can Urban Floors customise my factory floor coating in Melbourne?

Yes. Urban Floors specialises in providing custom factory floor coating solutions in Melbourne. Whether you need an anti-slip treatment or a high-gloss finish, they have a variety of colours and textures to align with your needs.

How do I maintain my factory epoxy flooring in Melbourne?

Regular cleaning with a broom or mop can help maintain the shine of your factory epoxy flooring. Avoiding abrasive cleaners and quickly wiping up spills can prevent staining or damage to the epoxy surface. If you’re looking for an in-depth cleaning, a professional service such as Urban Floors is available to assist you with maintenance when you need it.

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