Concrete Floor Overlays

Concrete Floor Overlays


At Urban Floors, we go above and beyond to ensure that your concrete floor finish has the look and feel you are after. One of the options is a concrete floor overlay, a finish which goes over and bonds to your existing concrete slab, totally transforming your floor and space.

Our wide range of decorative concrete floor overlays allows you to customise your floor, with a number of contemporary colours and finishes available. We install floors throughout Victoria, in homes and businesses alike, what are you waiting for? Call Urban Floors today to discuss the options in concrete floor overlays!

Polished Concrete Overlays Melbourne

Thanks to our polished concrete finishes, Melbourne home and businessowners can enjoy a timeless and hard-wearing concrete floor or surface. Polished concrete is durable and seamless, allowing you to make a truly long-term investment in your property. Not to mention, polished concrete adds a sophisticated and contemporary touch to floors in showrooms, offices and new homes.

By investing in polished concrete look finishes, Melbourne property owners can ensure that any visitors or guests are blown away when they step through the door. Concrete floor overlay finishes can also withstand heavy foot traffic, making them an especially good option for reception areas, warehouses and showrooms that need to impress, but also be able to withstand traffic.

Elevate your home to the next level of distinction by contacting Urban Floors for our polished concrete and decorative concrete overlays in Melbourne.