The Trend Toward Concrete Floor Finishes

The Trends Toward

December 21, 2018 | By urbanconcrete floors

As more homes are being built on concrete slabs, the increasing trend to polished concrete and decorative concrete floor finishes is a natural one and with more and more home owners moving away from tiles, seamless flooring is the way to go…

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This project was undertaken for a customer in Doreen who wanted to renovate and update their house with a contemporary look and feel. They chose Polished Pewter in satin from our Urban Murano range in, as they felt it provided a neutral, ‘polished concrete’, translucent look.

Our Urban Murano finish is a unique blend of materials and layers, creating by our flooring artisans, who hand trowel to create a floor that can be finished in gloss or satin.

The polished pewter blend is one of our most popular as the pigments used and are a custom blend of warm and cool greys which enable our customers the flexibility of decorating in a wide spectrum of colours as well as being very practical.

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