Our Finishes

Our Finishes

We specialize in polished concrete and decorative coatings, and work extensively in both residential and commercial markets. Whether it is your home or a commercial project that requires a concrete finish, we specialize in cementitious finishes.

We have a range of finishes for you to select from based on your individual taste, specifications of the project, condition of the substrate and, of course, your budget.

Urban Murano Range

Decorative in nature, our Urban Murano (epoxy) range is suitable for both homes and businesses alike.

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Urban Floors Showroom from Walking Moustache Pictures on Vimeo.

Check out Urban Floors stunning range of flooring finishes. Melbourne and Victorian customers can count on our stylish, seamless, concrete floor finishes!

Pandomo Range

As an accredited installer, we can also offer an exclusive, high quality flooring system, Pandomo, which is an advanced flooring system from Germany. Depending on the application there are a range of finishes including:

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The Urban Stonehenge is a more understated finish, and if desired, can also have a more textured look. It’s easy to work and live on and is also hard wearing.

It is a custom blend of layer upon layer of cementitious compounds, primers and polyurethanes, (predominantly hand troweled), that combine to produce a unique and durable finish.

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Urban Commercial

For the production of quality foodstuffs, a clean working environment is integral and your flooring selection, therefore, plays an important part. Flooring systems in wet process areas require a slip-resistant profile which must also be easily cleaned, yet totally impervious and resistant to water and chemical exposure .

The products we use in our commercial installations are carefully selected and sourced from around the world to ensure the highest quality and have certification according to the latest EEC guidelines for their suitability for use in the food industry. We also can install coving to provide a completely seamless epoxy floor coating. Melbourne business owners love our work, and we’re sure you will too!

Our finishes can involve up to 13 different processes to create your finished floor and depending on the total area, take anywhere between 3-4 days to complete.

One of our most impressive finishes use epoxy coating. A beautiful and unique way to transform your home or business, the seamless nature, appearance and benefits of epoxy flooring can be seen and discussed with our team of Melbourne’s leading concrete floor specialists. To discuss our epoxy coating range, call now on (03) 9467 1167.

The benefits of epoxy flooring are well known in industrial applications and over the last few years, have become increasingly popular in Melbourne homes and businesses, and industrial facilities for their concrete floors. Because concrete is highly porous, water damage, chemical spill issues and concrete staining can be an issue. The seamless nature and process of our epoxy coatings, provides protection against these issues and keeps your floors looking great.

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Urban Warehouse

If it’s an industrial warehouse look that you are after, then we have the perfect finish to create that look, exposing any aggregate (or stones) in your concrete. This finish is perfect for cafes, retail stores, apartments, etc. With our concrete sealing, you won’t believe the transformation between your plain old slab of concrete and the new look! Concrete floor coatings from Urban Floors Australia are durable, contemporary, and seamless requiring little more than a mop to maintain.

Urban Stone

Colour flakes make resinous flooring as beautiful as it is practical and cost effective. Color flakes, also known as chips, flake or fleck, are composed of water-based resin materials, organic minerals, additives and various pigments. This unique product is random in shape, and available in a range of neutral colours. We can also offer a custom blend, if you have a specific corporate look to achieve. This finish is perfect in a variety of flooring applications including garages, workshops, man-caves, automotive dealerships, pubs, manufacturing and a range of industrial applications. Our epoxy flake flooring is high quality, durable and seamless!

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Polished Concrete

The term polished concrete is probably the most misused term in the industry! Not all concrete floors are suitable for polishing and a high percentage of existing concrete surfaces will not produce the strength and high sheen exposed aggregate finish that you wanted or expected. In reality, a lot of floors that have a high gloss sealer on a concrete floor that has been ground, are mistaken for polished concrete. This is generally known as a grind and seal and is significantly less expensive than Polished Concrete. We suggest you do your homework and know what you want and what you are getting.

Whether you are pouring a new slab or considering renovating your existing flooring, we can work with both. If you are building, it is important to ensure that you are using a 32mpa concrete (strength of the concrete) to ensure a quality finish. We provide top quality concrete sealing and concrete polishing!

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Pangaea Flooring

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