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Epoxy flooring creates a work of art!

Our client wanted to create a custom space using a unique combination of epoxy and graffiti art for his ‘toys’!

Installing a custom decorative coating for the client’s artist to graffiti his design, we returned to pick up the lines and contours of the artwork in our final coats.

We used Elite Crete Reflector Enhancer for this project which is a high build floor coating, as the finish needed to be durable and resilient . This epoxy range offers many colours and combinations and there are very low VOC’s, which means it is safe and environmentally friendly.

Polished Concrete vs grind and seal …. What’s the difference?

Almost everyone who calls us or visits our showroom is looking for ‘polished concrete’ and can be forgiven for referring to almost every concrete flooring finish as that. It is one of the most misused industry terms. The differences are quite significant in process, duration and cost and we offer both…

Resinous Epoxy Coatings

Resinous coatings create a hard wearing, yet attractive floor surface and are ideal for high traffic areas in commercial and industrial situations. Over the last decade, they have become popular in homes as an ever-increasing trend and alternative to tiles or timber floor board…

This project in Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges was undertaken with a brief to create a stunning finish that would bring together the unique bushland surrounds as well as the stone and timber in their home. Our customer selected from our Urban Murano, epoxy range, and we created the finish on a black base using a blend of honey and copper pigments.

All of our finishes are created on site, by mixing and applying resins. The resins combine to form an extremely durable finish which will last many years as they bond to the concrete, they don’t sit on top. Some customers choose to leave the finish gloss whilst others have a satin coat applied on top.

Seamless custom design floors can be created by mixing the resins with a specific pigment or colour, tinted highlights or even multi coloured flakes. (see Urban Stone finish) Our Urban Murano finish is a high build floor coating (yet still sits only 1-2mm over concrete) where durability and resilient flooring is paramount. It also offers many colours and combinations with unique patterns and designs. The final finish can be either satin or gloss.

Decorative coatings are completely seamless and easy to maintain. There is zero to very low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) in this product which means it is safe and environmentally friendly.

The trend toward concrete floor finishes

As more homes are being built on concrete slabs, the increasing trend to polished concrete and decorative concrete floor finishes is a natural one and with more and more home owners moving away from tiles, seamless flooring is the way to go…

This project was undertaken for a customer in Doreen who wanted to renovate and update their house with a contemporary look and feel. They chose Polished Pewter in satin from our Urban Murano range in, as they felt it provided a neutral, ‘polished concrete’, translucent look.

Our Urban Murano finish is a unique blend of materials and layers, creating by our flooring artisans, who hand trowel to create a floor that can be finished in gloss or satin.

The polished pewter blend is one of our most popular as the pigments used and are a custom blend of warm and cool greys which enable our customers the flexibility of decorating in a wide spectrum of colours as well as being very practical.