Urban Murano

Urban Murano


Decorative in nature, our Urban Murano (epoxy) range is suitable for both homes and businesses alike.

Until a few years ago, epoxy floor coatings were only used in industrial applications because they are seamless (hygienic), durable, and renowned for their excellent chemical resistance.

Technical advances over the last few years have seen epoxy used more extensively as a decorative floor coating and the options in terms of colour, and creativity are almost endless!

They have become very popular in the residential housing market, and specified by architects and designers in both residential and commercial projects.

Our Urban Murano range is available in either gloss or satin, and depending on the finish selected can involve up to 13 different processes to achieve the end result. Typically, over concrete, the thickness is approx. 1-2mm in depth.

We have a range of popular neutrals on display in our showroom, and we can offer many other colours as well including metallic.