Pangaea Flooring

Pangaea Flooring


If you’ve been considering polished concrete for your next project, until now there have only been two choices available. Either grind or polish the existing concrete floor or install a concrete screed in excess of 50mm thick over the existing floor.

There are significant limitations associated with polishing existing concrete; The contractor cannot guarantee what the finished product will look like until they have finished grinding, footprints and screed marks are almost always noticeable, inconsistent aggregate exposure, cracking, colour uncertainty and more. Because of its thickness, it is very difficult to install to existing properties. The screed will add large additional weight and will result in several issues with meeting existing door and window heights. The process is inefficient and can result in substandard finishes.

Depending on the concreter’s experience, this type of finish will in all likelihood have inconsistent aggregate exposure.

Being a veneer, it can be finished at thicknesses from as little as 6mm-15mm. Typically 10mm is an average thickness which can adjoin other floor coverings such as tiles, timber and carpet enabling it to be unique and complementary to other floor finishes. The PCV can be installed on top of concrete, timber, stable tiles and other sound substrates. Pangaea PCV™is seamless and dimensionally stable, therefore no expansion joints or saw cuts are necessary unless there are existing saw cuts in the substrate or existing movement/construction joints (these must be honoured). This allows for minimal maintenance and most importantly means cleaning is as simple as a mop and neutral cleaner as there are no grout lines! Pangaea PCV™ has been designed and engineered to be consistent in colour and aggregate exposure so a Pangaea PCV™ floor installed in Melbourne can be made to replicate one in Perth. However, the Pangaea PCV™ is not limited to one look, another popular benefit of Pangaea PCV™ is the ability to control the gloss levels and to an extent, the aggregate exposure. Pangaea PCV™ comes in a range of colours, aggregates and finishes. The process of selecting your Pangaea PCV™ floor is easy.