Urban Commercial

Urban Commercial


Our Urban Commercial finish is designed for commercial kitchens as epoxies are well known for their excellent chemical resistance. They will not harbour bacteria and can withstand spills from oils, acidic solutions, detergents, and other surface contaminants.

Our Urban Commercial finish is a food grade, non-slip, R11 silica carbide impregnated polyurethane cement. Most commercial kitchens require coving, for adherence to industry regulations which we can also provide.

We also recognize that a kitchen needs to be back up running as soon as possible and the prospect of organizing the whole project in the most efficient timeframe can be daunting.

We can provide a ‘one stop shop’ for the updating of commercial kitchen flooring including :

  • The decommissioning/recommissioning of appliances connections and
  • Removal of existing floor and

So that all you have to focus on is filling those dockets!