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We offer a range of heavy-duty concrete coating systems to repair, protect, and make safe your new or existing workshop or warehouse flooring. Our flooring systems are designed to cope with constant traffic, varying temperatures, forklifts, or aggressive chemicals or work practices that would otherwise wear out or destroy untreated concrete surfaces.


Our methyl methacrylate (MMA) flooring is the ideal option if your project requires fast curing times, like commercial carparks and public spaces.  This carpark flooring is ready for anything that you can throw at it within a couple of hours. Furthermore, MMA surfaces offer exceptional abrasion and impact resistance, they’re anti-slip, easy to clean, and comfortable underfoot, making them the perfect choice for a range of working environments.

Although our Urban Stone flooring system is most commonly chosen for residential garages, its high wear resistance when faced with constant vehicle traffic also makes it an ideal choice for workshop, showroom or warehouse flooring. This four-coat, ten-step system results in a durable floor, with the colour choices and flakes either providing a purely aesthetic benefit, or adding to safety through greater visibility and clear area delineation.   

Urban Floor’s polyurethane (PU) cement flooring system may prove beneficial for your workshop or warehouse if you want a moisture tolerant flooring system that is compatible with newly cured concrete. It is also fire resistant, with a high thermal shock resistance, and excellent chemical resistance.

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Project Type Warehouses/Workshops
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Project Information Working in close partnership with Australian resin and industrial coating manufacturers including Elite Crete, Crommelin, Hychem ensures we can offer the widest selection of flooring systems to suit any environment.

Finishes: Urban Stone, PU Cement, Epoxy, MMA

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